Linda C. Powell Counseling


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Depression / Grief...Get off the emotional roller coaster and get your life back.  You are not in this alone. You can face your fears and set a course for recovery.

Relationships...You can begin the healing process from the pain caused by broken relationships. You can learn to identify safe, tender, and empathetic people with whom to develop new relationships.

Self-Esteem...Discover the real you. Learn to honor your essence by valuing and respecting the real you. 

Shame...Where did you first learn to feel shame? Parents, siblings, relatives, college/school friends, or others? Learn self-acceptance, self-nurturing, and self-love, separating what you do from who you are. 

Addictions...We all have emotional pain. Sometimes we begin to use other things to cover the pain such as alcohol, illegal substances, anger, gambling, sex, codependency, over-eating, etc. There is a better way to deal with the emotional pain, no matter where it originated, and live a productive life. 


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